Mission of my School

Kelly is a leader in intuitive empowerment. Her mission is to support entrepreneurs, spiritual professionals and other intuitive souls to master their energy and intuition so they can gain greater clarity, make better decisions with less stress and navigate their pursuits with intention, purpose and power.

She has conducted thousands of private sessions and created an abundance of spiritual development programs and events over the past 10 years. You could not be in better hands or follow in more guided footsteps than Kelly’s when it comes to mastering your energy and your natural intuitive abilities.

Kelly's lifelong dedication to spiritual growth has evolved into a commitment to empower others on their transformative journeys.

Meet Kelly Ferguson:
Your Guide to Intuition, Healing,
and Spiritual Mastery

With 40 years of experience as a leading psychic medium, shamanic healer, and intuitive mentor.

Kelly specializes in helping entrepreneurs and professionals harness their intuition for success in business, relationships, and health. By guiding them to gain greater clarity and make better decisions, she empowers them to thrive in their endeavors.

Kelly also assists those mastering their abilities, enabling them to deliver highly accurate and evidential readings with confidence, skill, and ease. In doing so, she is spearheading a new wave of world-class professional psychic mediums, each contributing to a lasting healing legacy in the world.

Join Kelly’s mission towards a journey of self-discovery, healing, and intuitive mastery at the Kelly Ferguson’s Psychic Academy.

Uncover the secrets of your inner wisdom and step into a life guided by intention and spiritual power.